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In addition to being the console for Asterisk, the CLI also sports several
features that make it very helpful to use for obtaining information and
affecting system configuration.  The console can also be seen by starting
a remote console, which connects to the running daemon and shows much of
the same information as if using the daemon in foreground mode.

Connecting a remote console is as easy as using the -r or -R flags.  The only
difference between these flags is that the uppercase variation (-R) will
automatically reconnect to the daemon (or at least retry) if the daemon
restarts.  To exit a remote console, simply type 'quit' or 'exit'.  Please note
that you can differentiate between a remote console and the Asterisk console,
as 'quit' or 'exit' will not function on the main console, which prevents an
accidental shutdown of the daemon.  If you would like to shutdown the Asterisk
daemon, you can use the 'stop' set of commands, such as 'stop now',
'stop gracefully', or 'stop when convenient'.

Once on the console, the 'help' command may be used to see a list of commands
available for use.  Note that in addition to the 'help' command, the Asterisk
CLI sports tab command line completion on all commands, including many
arguments.  To use tab command line completion, simply press the <Tab> key at
any time while entering the beginning of any command.  If the command can be
completed unambiguously, it will do so, otherwise it will complete as much of
the command as possible.  Additionally, Asterisk will print a list of all
possible matches, if possible.

The 'help' command may also be used to obtain more detailed information on
how to use a particular command.  For example, if you type 'help core show',
Asterisk will respond with a list of all commands that start with that string.
If you type 'help core show version', specifying a complete command, Asterisk
will respond with a usage message which describes how to use that command.  As
with other commands on the Asterisk console, the help command also responds to
tab command line completion.

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