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Using the Hoard Memory Allocator with Asterisk

1) Install the Hoard Memory Allocator

   Download Hoard from either via a package or the source

   If downloading the source, unpack the tarball and follow the instructions in
   the README file to build libhoard for your platform.

2) Configure asterisk

   Run ./configure in the root of the asterisk source directory, passing the
   --with-hoard option specifying the location of the libhoard shared library.

   For example:

	   ./configure --with-hoard=/usr/src/hoard-371/src/

   Note that we don't specify the full path to, just the directory
   where it resides.

3) Enable Hoard in menuselect

   Run 'make menuselect' in the root of the asterisk source distribution.  Under
   'Compiler Flags' select the 'USE_HOARD_ALLOCATOR' option.  If the option is
   not available (shows up with XXX next to it) this means that configure was
   not able to find  Check that the path you passed to the
   --with-hoard option is correct.  Re-run ./configure with the correct option
   and then repeat step 3.

4) Make and install asterisk

   Run the standard build commands:

	   # make
	   # make install

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