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(res_jabber is very experimental!)

Jabber(xmpp) is an xml based protocol primarily for presence and messaging.
It is an open standard and there are several open server implementations,
ejabberd, jabberd(2), wildfire, and many others, as well as several open source
clients, Psi, gajim, gaim etc.  Jabber differs from other IM applications as it
is immensly extendable.  This allows us to easily integrate Asterisk with 
jabber.  The Asterisk Jabber Interface is provided by  res_jabber 
allows for Asterisk to connect to any jabber server via the standard client
protocol or also as a simple client.  Several simple functions are exposed to
the dial plan, jabberstatus, jabbersend, and soon jabberrecv.  res_jabber is also used
to provide the connection interface for chan_jingle.

The maintainer of res_jabber is Matthew O'Gorman <> or
mog_work on irc or (preferred) over jabber.

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