Asterisk Download

Latest Release

The current release version of Asterisk 1.4 is
  • 1.4.15 (Released 2007-11-29)
The current release version of Asterisk 1.2 is
  • 1.2.25 (Released 2007-11-29)

(Current versions of Asterisk might be of help)

You can download either one from several mirror servers or use svn or to checkout the release version.

For informations on downloading with SVN, refer to
SVN (Subversion) is a version control system that is a compelling replacement for CVS.

Precompiled Binary Packages

There are precompiled binary packages available for download, created by non-Digium contributors:
  • RPM packages for Linux
  • DEB packages for Linux

All in one, OS and Asterisk installation

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