Asterisk Dyanmic Conferences

Dynamic MeetMe Confrences that Expire!

What is it?

We at Asterisk Solutions Group, Inc. wanted a way to dynamically generate meetme confrences on the fly,
assign them pins, and have them expire at a later date.

We derived a method to do this using a combination of dialplan logic, external shell scripts, and a cron job. We pacakged this up, and
are offering it for download, here.

I would go into detail about how to do it, but I do not have the attention span to write out all the how-to's, however, if you look at our tarballl,
it should be fairly obvious how it works. If not, feel free to send questions to twisted AT

Created by: twisted, Last modification: Wed 07 of Jul, 2004 (21:02 UTC)
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