Asterisk Email Call Initiator popPyCall


This is a system that will take XML based Email and Parse it into a call file for asterisk.
This will allow you to set up remote autodialer funtionality without opening a port on your

A few features that is has are.
- ResponseHost setting ( it responds to a host when it gets the email POST/REST)
- several variables that can be passed via xml
- a context addon feature for security(doesnt make sense to let it at all your contexts)

I am looking at adding several feautes including.
- Mysql integration
- Web Config and Reporting panel
- encrypted key authentication

A few addons changes before the beta release will be
- add a timeout on the pop3 checker
- change the variable setup to allow unlimited variables
- make an installer for poppycall.

download and test it out for me...
or the webpage

email me at for comments or suggestions


Created by: schapman, Last modification: Mon 14 of Sep, 2009 (18:30 UTC)
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