Asterisk Flite

Install Flite and asterisk-flite (in RHEL, CentOS and similar)

Flite (festival-lite) is a small, fast run-time synthesis engine developed at CMU and primarily designed for small embedded machines and/or large servers. Flite is designed as an alternative synthesis engine to Festival for voices built using the FestVox suite of voice building tools.
asterisk-flite is a Flite text-to-speech module for the Asterisk open-source PBX. This provides the "Flite" dialplan application, which allows you to use the Flite Text-to Speech Engine with Asterisk. It invokes the Flite Text-to Speech engine locally via the Flite C API, and uses it to render text to speech.

We need to add the epel repo for flite packages
For CentOS 5:
  1. wget
  2. rpm -Uvh epel-release-5-4.noarch.rpm
For CentOS 6:
  1. wget
  2. rpm -Uvh epel-release-6-5.noarch.rpm

  1. yum install flite flite-devel

Then we download and install the asterisk flite plugin:

  1. cd /usr/src
  2. wget
  3. tar xf asterisk-flite-2.1-flite1.3.tar.gz
  4. cd asterisk-flite-2.1-flite1.3
  5. make && make install && make samples
  6. asterisk -rx "module load app_flite"
  7. asterisk -rx "core show application like flite"

Test asterisk-flite

To test it, I simply put it in your extensions.conf file:

exten => 123,1,Flite(this is a test. this is only a test. if this had been an actual emergency, you would be dead.)

And then try calling 123 or whatever extension you set it to.

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