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DeStar is a web configuration and management tool for Asterisk.

DeStar provides high-level abstraction above the Asterisk configuration, making it real easy to quickly setup a basic PBX, but simultaneously allowing great flexibility for those out there intending to manage medium-complexity Asterisk based telephony systems.


DeStar 0.2 release is out!

DeStar main features include:
  • Virtual PBX handling.
  • Extensions management: SIP, IAX, Zap, and more.
  • Auto-attendants support.
  • Trunks management: SIP, IAX, Zap, ZapPRI, and more.
  • Use of dialout patterns (i.e. local, national, mobile-phones, toll-free numbers, etc).
  • Asternic Flash Operator Panel integration.
  • Call Detail Records search and graphical reports.
  • Many application applets incluided: Voice Mail, Meeting Room,
and more.

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DeStar is driven around objects called "configlets", that create the necessary sections of the Asterisk config files. A configlet can be a Telco Line, a Phone, some RTP configuration. Each configlet contain all meta-information to create web forms or GUI dialogs, DeStar implements the web forms as well. Once the data is there, the configlet knows how to generate the various sections in the config files.

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