Asterisk IAX link - Optimizing returning calls

This is my approach attempting to solve the problem of a call passing twice over an IAX link.

What happens

Linking two Asterisk via IAX allows to transfer calls between users on a different PBX, this is what happens:
ext_call ------> pbx_a -----IAX link-----> pbx_b ----> user@b
If user@b need to transfer the call back to an user on pbx_a, this is what happens:
ext_call ------> pbx_a -----IAX link-----> pbx_b
user@a <-------- pbx_a <----IAX link------ pbx_b
The call traverses twice the IAX link loosing quality, with lag and wasting bandwith for other calls.


My solution is based on ChannelRedirect and Asterisk func iaxvar.

Dialplan sample

Example 1


See Also

Asterisk func iaxvar
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Created by: hyppo, Last modification: Fri 11 of Nov, 2011 (22:22 UTC)
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