Asterisk ISDN overview

ISDN channel alternatives for Asterisk

At the time of this writing (Fri 20 of Jan, 2006 (23:05 UTC)) the several options exist for ISDN channels. While they all have their special pages, this overview should make it easier to make your choice.

PRO: fill in, please
CON: requires patched kernel 2.6, but no udev support; different versions available, unclear which is best
PRO: fill in, please
CON: most passive cards (like HFC-S) do not have capi support, also several versions available
PRO: fill in, please
CON: requires bristuff
PRO: included in standard distribution, usually works with standard kernel
CON: no support for NT-Mode, discontinued
PRO: aims at a clean EuroISDN implementation
CON: still early stage: no echo cancellation or DTMF support, requires patched Asterisk to run as non-root

None of these options, allows the use of HOLD, RETRIEVE and such, as offered by standard ISDN phones via their context menu (as far as I can tell, please correct if wrong!).
Created by: tsr, Last modification: Fri 20 of Jan, 2006 (23:05 UTC)
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