Asterisk LDAP

LDAP integration for Asterisk

The "light weight directory" offers a means for central user administration for your network, including VoIP data.


Asterisk::LDAP is a perl module that provides an Object Oriented interface to a set of methods capable of generating Asterisk 1.0 compatible configuration files.

Currently supported files include:
  • extensions.conf
  • voicemail.conf
  • musiconhold.conf

Asterisk::LDAP also provides code to see if a reload is necessary and can optionally send asterisk a 'reload' command when updates are made. Example code is provided to get you up and running quickly. Included is a script which can be called from voicemail.conf's externpass option which will update a user's voice mailbox PIN number in LDAP.

Recently released version 0.6.0 add support for serialized updates to guarantee updates are synchronous.

Future versions will add other configuration files including sip.conf and iax.conf as well as meetme.conf and others.

Refer to for more information.

LDAP for Asterisk Realtime

Here's a first version of LDAP realtime driver (ref. bug/patch 5768):

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