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Why Slackware?
Slackware inherits the qualities of the Linux kernel, GNU utilities and all the products of the open source community, qualities shared by all Linux distributions, but it is found to be more stable, solid, simple and sensible than any of the other distributions. This is what we call "the 4S rule", which explains why Slackware is an operating system of choice for a broad range of applications.


Asterisk on Slackware

Simply put, it runs great; Pretty much every feature will work right out of the box. And what doesn't, well this page will provide tips on how to fix the problems.
Grab the packages for UltimaLinux 4 SP3 and Slackware 10.2 at

Installation Guides

Here are 2 great guides to get you on your way with Asterisk.


There is now a startup script located in the contrib/init.d folder.
  1. cp /usr/src/asterisk/contrib/init.d/rc.slackware.asterisk /etc/rc.d/rc.asterisk
  2. chmod 755 /etc/rc.d/rc.asterisk
Music on Hold (mpg123 support missing)
Problem solved! I found that Asterisk is calling mpg123 to playback mp3's which isn't installed on Slackware 9.1 by default. Downloaded mpg123 source from and compiled with make linux; make install and now working.

(Better Solution): mpg321, designed as a drop-in replacement for mpg123, is the default application installed in Slackware. When MOH calls mpg123, which is actually a symlink in the default Slackware installation, mpg321 is called.

mpg321 doesn't work with the MOH features, so the "Correct" way to get music on hold (MOH) to work is to:

1.) d/l and install the mpg123 package by browsing for it at
a.) you can choose from a list of download sites at the following URL: or,
simply do a "wget", for example,
if Purdue University is a good choice for you (depending upon your location ;) ).
b.) as root, and from the directory which you d/l'd the mpg123 package into, perform the following:
i.) type "pkgtool" on the command line ==>choose "remove" packages ==> scroll to locate, and select mpg321 and remove it.
ii.) now choose "current" from the list and you will see the mpg123-0.59r-i386-1.tgz package ==> install it.
2.) mpg123 is now installed correctly, and your MOH will now work :)

3.) This is a much cleaner, and also the preferred methodology for installing mpg123 on Slackware to get the MOH to work. Compiling and installing by hand is not recommended, unless you want both mpg123 and mpg321 installed on your system - if this is the case (WHY?), then simply remove the symlink for mpg123 which points to the mpg321 executable, and compile/install mpg123 from source.
(/Better Solution)

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