Asterisk Linux Trustix

About the distro

Trustix is a distribution aimed squarely at the "server" market. The default configuration is locked-down in a significant way. For example: you must turn on the SSH service to start — the default install does not start the SSH service by default. Also - there is no GUI - one isn't even an option during the installation procedure. The distro is based upon RedHat and has a reliable update engine called SWUP. If you're interested in a secure server-based distribution, check out Trustix here: This page is focused on Trustix 2.2.

Zapata compilation and configuration

Compiling Zaptel drivers on Trustix is not as easy as is listed in the quick install guide. There are two main problems: 1) the kernel lacks stack smashing configurations, meaning that you'll need to update the Makefile, and 2) the linux-headers are probably not the same as the kernel version.

1) Disabling Stack Smashing in the Makefile
You will know this problem if you get unresolved symbols errors when running make install. After seeing these erorrs, run depmod -ae and you'll see references to the "stack_protector" symbol. This means that the Trustix compiled kernel does not support the stack protector. This is probably a Bad Thing, but who am I to judge? To fix this, update the Makefile. Options for the compiler are passed to it using the KFLAGS variable in Makefile. Simply add a line like this under the last KFLAGS+= line: KFLAGS+=-fno-stack-protector.

2) Fixing the linux-headers problem
You know you have this problem if your modprobe command fails along these lines:
"/lib/modules/...my_module was compiled for kernel version x.y.zz"
"while this kernel is version x.y.aa"

Check the messages here and here for instructions on how to fix this problem. There is also a very good message here that explains "why" you must _make dep_.

After performing those two fixes, the only remaining problem is that my modprobe wctdm failed. Looking at /etc/modules.conf, I noticed that the "alias" line was missing. I added the line "alias wctdm wcfxs". You may get an error message about the /etc/modules.conf file being newer than the another file — simply run depmod and you should be okay.

Getting the wcfxs and zaptel modules to load at system boot time

Edit your /etc/modules file and add the line wctdm. Be sure that there is an alias from wcfxs to wctdm in /etc/modules.conf.
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