Asterisk Linux Yellow Dog

Asterisk on Yellow Dog Linux
A Red Hat based distribution for PPC platforms, created by Terra Soft Solutions

Asterisk support for LinuxPPC is a result of cooperation between Terra Soft Solutions and Digium a few years ago.

No IRQ issues, No sound artifacts

The major benefit of running Asterisk on Mac hardware with LinuxPPC is that there are no interrupt issues and sound artifacts due to Zaptel cards not matching up well with motherboards or other components as is often the case with x86 hardware.

YDL 3.0

On a virgin Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 system Zaptel cannot be built out of the box due to kernel sources not matching the default kernel.

YDL 3.01

Zaptel and LibPRI build and work out of the box on PCI based Macintosh computers, both old world and new world systems.

YDL 4.0

TerraSoft have now released thier Fedora Core 2 based YDL4 with native 64bit support for G5 and POWER4 CPUs, but nobody seems to have tested Asterisk on this yet. If you built and used Asterisk on YDL4, especially on 64bit CPUs, please share your experience here.
YDL 4.0 Install on a Dual G5 Xserve:
I have installed Asterisk 1.0.7 on a Dual 2.3Ghz G5. I was not able to get ztdummy to work properly and I don't have enough PCI slots to install a Digium card for timing. So my Asterisk server is running with no timing source at this point. Anyone get ztdummy to work on a PPC yet?

My YDL 4.0 Install:
I have installed YDL 4.0 (after paying $80 to download it) on my Blue G4 tower. It installs and runs fine, and I can build and run Asterisk. Zaptel is another issue.

After spending probably what came two be about two hours working with Digium support, we could not get my TDM31 to work. They actually wanted to RMA the card, but I had another one that I had working in an x86 machine and it would not work either. Zaptel and Asterisk both see the card, and calls do come in. It answers, but does not detect caller id and cannot play audio down the channel. There are no alarms, no error messages, and Asterisk thinks that it is playing audio, you just can't hear it. It does appear to be a fried card, but it is not. I am very confused on this issue, and if anyone has any ideas let me (Kristian Kielhofner) know. I can be tracked down on Asterisk-users. Thanks!

My X100p works perfectly in the same machine from above.

Another sad YDL 4.0 User:

I seem to be having exactly the same problem. The card is recognized, no errors, but doesn't produce dialtone or recognize DTMF digits. It does however recognize pickup/hangup. If anyone manages to sort this problem it would be great if you could contact me.

And Another:

I am also having exactly the same problems on my 450Mhz Sawtooth G4. I have tried various Kernels (2.4/2.6) and OSes (Debian/YDL) and versions of Zaptel, all with the same results as above. I tried the card in a Linux x86 PC and it works fine (but jumpy). My X100P card works fine in PPC. Let me know if anyone has actually got an FXS card working on Linux PPC.

YDL 4.0.1

I initially tried running this on a Power Mac G5 but there is some bug in the installer that has been noted in various places, so I had to give up on the G5. Instead, I have installed YellowDog Linux 4.0.1 (downloaded for free) on a MDD G4 Power Mac. The installation includes a Digium TDM400 (TDM04B, specifically) card that I am using to connect Asterisk with (currently) 4 analog phone lines.

Using Asterisk 1.0.9 and Zaptel I encountered the same audio issues that others describe here. After contacting Digium support, I found that the problem is fixed in the latest version of the drivers (CVS HEAD) as of November, 2005. The head is currently the in-development code for Asterisk 1.2, which make me a little nervous as I am about to deploy this system into a production environment, but I don't have much choice given the hardware I want to use.

There does seem to still be some issues as far as Zaptel goes. Using I did not get any warnings when running ztcfg, but things didn't work with that version, of course. Since updating to the latest driver from CVS HEAD I get an error when running ztcfg. For now I have worked around it by not running ztcfg and I plan to look in to the issue further, perhaps filing a bug with Digium. The system works, despite the error from ztcfg.

These Asterisk mailing lists posting have more information

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