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The purpose of this page is to serve as a place holder for a Walkthru guide that explains "how to" integrate an external Database with Asterisk under Mac OS X.

MySQL would be a great first DB to consider documenting as it is shipped with OS X server (and is relatively easy to install under OS X client).

The walkthru should contain clear steps that identify:

All of this is, unfortunately, going to need to be OS X specific...OS X is another beast all together (feel free to document the steps for how to compile myODBC and/or unixODBC under OS X!)

The steps are a bit more straight forward on other platforms because the necessary components compile smoothly, this is NOT the case under OS X.

Particular differences between installs under OS X server/client installs would be **GREAT**

To those who could offer some insight on this, I beg you to please help out, this is something that will benefit many OS X asterisk users and encourage significant development on the Mac OS X platform.

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