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(just an FYI, these lists are heavily used and therefore tend to receive LOTS of email)

How to search the Asterisk mailing list archives?

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How do I avoid getting into trouble on the mailing list?

The asterisk-users mailing list is where users discuss Asterisk and help each other. You have to remember that there is no staff employed to answer questions, the person that will answer you is giving away his or her time and is sharing his or her experience under his or her own will. Do not demand an answer. Do not ask a question already documented in this FAQ, in the sample configurations or the README files that is included in Asterisk. Always try to search for answers (see above) in the archives. There is a very large chance that your question has already been answered. If you can't find an answer, feel welcome to mail the list! (''A good document to read is Eric Raymond's "How to Ask Smart Questions")

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