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AM-WEB provides a web and CM-XML interface (for Cisco 79xx phones) to some of the Manager functions in Asterisk.

AM-WEB is a set of PHP scripts that run on a web server. The web server does not have to be the same computer that runs Asterisk. The PHP scripts communicate by TCP with Asterisk, and then display the results as simple text.

At this stage, the package does not include an HTML web page that permits you to access the PHP functions from a web browser. They include only a CM-XML page to access the PHP functions from a Cisco phone. It's a tiny task to create your own HTML page if you want, however.


See the AM-WEB web site for details about downloading and installing their software. You will also need to edit Asterisk's manager.conf file to to enable Manager capability, to give yourself a username and password, to set which IP addresses you can connect from. See Manager Configuration.


It is free for non commercial use, for use in comercial enviorments please contact me on welby @ for prices (starting at just £15 per license).

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