Asterisk Manager API Action Events

Action: Events
Synopsis: Contol Event Flow
Description: Enable/Disable sending of events to this manager client.

  • 'on' if all events should be sent,
  • 'off' if no events should be sent,
  • 'system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user' to select which flags events should have to be sent.
  • In asterisk 1.6 you can also have 'reporting' as a flag.

(NOTE: this is the *CLI help output.)

Hint: Some Events are enabled or disabled in their corresponding .conf Files too. They might be disabled by default.

EventMask ON does not return any immediate response, in this example below, there was nothing returned until the device unregistered (Asterisk 1.0.9):

Event: PeerStatus
Peer: SIP/ChannelName
PeerStatus: Unregistered
Cause: Expired

As opposed to EventMask OFF which returns a response immediately:

Response: Events Off

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