Asterisk Manager API Action ListCommands

Action: ListCommands
Parameters: ActionID

As of Asterisk ver. 1.0.9
Response: Success
ActionID: SIP/x7062618529-99a0
AbsoluteTimeout: Set Absolute Timeout
ChangeMonitor: Change monitoring filename of a channel
Command: Execute Command
Events: Contol Event Flow
ExtensionState: Check Extension Status
Getvar: Gets a Channel Variable
Hangup: Hangup Channel
IAXpeers: List IAX Peers
ListCommands: List available manager commands
Logoff: Logoff Manager
MailboxCount: Check Mailbox Message Count
MailboxStatus: Check Mailbox
Monitor: Monitor a channel
Originate: Originate Call
ParkedCalls: List parked calls
Ping: Ping
QueueAdd: Add interface to queue.
QueueRemove: Remove interface from queue.
Queues: Queues
QueueStatus: Queue Status
Redirect: Redirect
SetCDRUserField: Set the CDR UserField
Setvar: Set Channel Variable
Status: Status
StopMonitor: Stop monitoring a channel
ZapDialOffhook: Dial over Zap channel while offhook
ZapDNDoff: Toggle Zap channel Do Not Disturb status OFF
ZapDNDon: Toggle Zap channel Do Not Disturb status ON
ZapHangup: Hangup Zap Channel
ZapShowChannels: Show status zapata channels
ZapTransfer: Transfer Zap Channel

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