Asterisk Manager API AgentCallBackLogin


Sets an agent as logged in by callback Privilege: agent,all

Note: Is this to be deprecated in Asterisk 1.4?


Agent: Agent ID of the agent to login
Exten: Extension to use for callback
Context: Context to use for callback
AckCall: Set to 'true' to require an acknowledgement by '#' when agent is called back
WrapupTime: the minimum amount of time after disconnecting before the caller can receive a new call
ActionID: <value>


Action: AgentCallBackLogin
Agent: 1234
Exten: 1234
Context: myqueues
AckCall: true
WrapupTime: 30
ActionID: 12345


This forgets to set ${AGENTBYCALLERID_${CALLERID(num)}} This can be worked round by following this message with a

action: setvar
variable: agentbycallerid_1234
value: 1234


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