Asterisk Manager Interface Debugging

I have recently noticed that the "Action: Originate" options in asterisk 1.0 Stable CVS has changed sometime between 2/23 and 3/18. It is now required to supply a Priority.

Here are 2 tips were suggested when using the Manager Interface:

1) Make sure to supply Context AND Priority when using an Exten.
NOTE: It used to work without a Priority, but not anymore.

2) While not a "hard and fast" rule, capitalization may help.

> Action: Originate
> Exten: 200
> Context: stations
> Channel: SIP/agent007
> Priority: 1

Here's a brief troubleshooting checklist if Manager Actions like Originate are failing:

1) Make sure Asterisk is starting with "debug mode" by starting it with a few -vvv's after it.

I'm using this in my /etc/inittab
ax:2345:respawn:/usr/sbin/asterisk -vvvcf

You can also just stop asterisk (asterisk -rx "stop now"), and relaunch it like this:
  1. asterisk -vvvcf

2) While making the call, monitor the console for any errors using
  1. asterisk -r

3) Ensure any dependant devices are actually connected and registered...
"sip show peers"
"iax2 show peers"

While getting the rather unhelpful message of:

Response: Error
Message: Originate failed

I got this messages on my console thanks to debugs:

Mar 31 10:03:24 NOTICE[21526]: app_dial.c:536 dial_exec: Unable to create channel of type 'SIP'
  == Everyone is busy at this time

After some investigation of "sip show peers" I diagnosed my problem as an SIP device (Audiocodes MP-108) that needed to be rebooted.

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