Asterisk Native Sounds

Asterisk Native Sounds are a collection of audio prompts for Asterisk. They will improve quality, reduce CPU usage, reduce latency, and (in some cases) eliminate the need for G729 licenses!
The Asterisk Native Sounds are a collection of alternative sounds prompts for Asterisk. Here's how it works. I had Allison Smith (the voice of Asterisk) re-record all of the sound prompts present in Asterisk 1.2. She provided them to me in the best audio format possible. I then converted them into several native Asterisk sound formats.

cd /var/lib/asterisk/
mv sounds sounds.orig
tar -xvjf /path/to/sounds.tar.bz2

(repeat last step for other formats)
The audio prompts WERE available from the "Extras" category in the Downloads section of Now, even better audio files can be downloaded directly from Digium and are included in Asterisk 1.4.

Voice Vector Media ( has released a free full voice-pack containing over 1,500 sound files intended to replace the default sound files distributed with Asterisk. The studio recordings are high-quality and feature a very pleasant and professional female voice speaking American English. These voice-packs are offered in Asterisk Native (sln) format, u-law, a-law, and GSM. Voice Vector Media also offers inexpensive custom recording services to extend and customize this voice-pack. The company's web site lists additional voice-packs in production for a male voice speaking American English and a female voice speaking British English. As of December 19, 2006, the company's website is offering custom recordings at half price.

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