Asterisk Network Protocol

Asterisk Network Protocol

This page is dedicated to what the future manager interface should be. A Asterisk Networked protocol could bring multiple potentials, here are a list of items.

To start, here are brain storming
  • Beable to share from multiple Asterisk system, 1 central voicemail server, so all phone registred to different * can get the MWI
  • Beable to remotly connect to a manager interface, so you dont need to connect to multiple system, only 1 to have access to all the console of the net
  • Could be made to create level User access, for having windows/exchange/whatever plugin to see voicemail on the desktop, or connect a windows conference server with a remote control software
  • Beable to make diffrent * server talk to each other to create 1 big conference server
  • Beable to see the status, cpu channels and find call on different server from 1 central location
  • Beable to have a queues split on different server.
  • Beable to sent CDR to the net, so you can configure a client to that net to monitor or dump the info to a billing server live
  • Have all the communication encrypted using certificat or other way
  • Please add more


A message is something like 'Extension xy is ringing' or 'xy hung up' and so on.
  • Publish/Subscribe for messages
  • Categorization of messages (e.g. messages that belong to my extension, busylamp-field related messages, etc.)
  • Complete rights management (who is allowed to see which messages)


A Command is sent to initiate something in asterisk:
  • Complete API (initiate, transfer, status etc.)
  • Rights management on commands (who is allowed to do what)


What are technical whishes or musts for a new implementation
  • Standard protocol
  • Scalable protocol - be able to give every extension a manager channel for CTI etc.
  • Interchangeable protocol between asterisk servers


How could the whishes be best made true?
  • Modular architecture - Don't affect asterisk kernel with manager tasks - let one interface between asterisk and managerserver allow all messages and commands be transferred and do rights management and subscription et al in managerserver-process/thread/machine
  • Messaging based architecture - there was a proposal of using jabber xml-messaging which I find very suitable

-- maecki

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