Asterisk OS Platforms

Operating Systems

Asterisk is known to run on many OS platforms. However, Linux is the main platform for development and Digium hardware support. If you are running VoIP only, or if you are comfortable with using external media gateways to connect conventional telephone equipment, then you have more systems to choose from, like FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Solaris. Work is going on to port drivers for Digium hardware to non-Linux platforms, too.


Linux Kernel 2.4

Asterisk is known to work on:

Linux Kernel 2.6

Linux 2.6 and devfs will also work but is not supported by Zaptel/Asterisk, meanwhile Linux 2.6 and udev plus hotplug works great.
  • Gentoo (devfs+2.6 and udev+2.6)
  • Debian
  • Fedora (2.6+udev)
  • Slackware: 10.2 (install with 'test26.s' then install 2.6 kernel source and module packages from CD 2)
  • SuSE 9.1 (2.6.4+udev)
  • Redhat Enterprise Clones
  • Mandrake: 10.x/LE2005/2006
  • Asterisk Linux Mandriva: 2009.0,2009.1
For notes about compiling the zaptel driver on a Linux 2.6 system not listed above, see Asterisk Zaptel Installation

Asterisk on CD-ROM

Asterisk on Embedded (Tiny) Systems


Asterisk is also compiled with limited functionality on these non-Linux systems:

Binary Packages

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