Asterisk Prepaid Applications

If you have users that you have little or no contact with, or where fraudulent usage can be an issue, it might be worth looking at Pre-paid solutions. With the pre-paid model we need to access a users funds before the call is made in order to see how much cash is available for the call to be made. Next, once the call destination is known, we should start a timer to disconnect the call (or more userfriendly, interrupt the call with an announcement) and finally close the deal.

Some considerations when creating a calling card application:
  • take care of multiple calls using the same credentials (PIN or username)
  • the SIP protocol does not allow for recognition of a client that was disconnected
  • cut off the call when the credit has dropped to 0
  • the hard part is to correctly rate a call, e.g. attaching the correct tariff

Software supporting prepaid applications:

  • ITSPtec Complete mature VOIP Billing System for the major open source telephony engines namely Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Yate and OpenSIPS. Offers Carrier services, calling card, residential, and multi-tenant PBX systems. Hundreds of installations. Includes pre and post paid account management, invoicing, rate plans, special packages, payments, rates, vouchers, CDR reports, billing reports and more!. View percentage profitability on call termination per customer account, daily, weekly and monthly. See * ITSPtec
  • AreskiCC CallingCard Application - Now renamed to A2Billing, commercially supported by Star2Billing S.L. licensed under the AGPL
  • A2Billing: Class 5 switch and PSTN / VoIP Billing application for Telecom Companies, VoIP Providers and Calling card companies licensed under the AGPL
  • AstBill - Billing, Routing and Management software for Asterisk and MySQL - AstBill is open source software licensed under the GPL
  • astCDRview - astCDRview is an open source, licensed under GNU/GPL, lightweight, Web-based, multi-language Asterisk SQLite CDR viewer that supports multiple outgoing carriers, multiple incoming numbers, billing, an address book, and extensions
  • Asterisk Prepaid Billing Software by Alepo - Real time billing for large scale Asterisk deployments
  • Asterisk-Phonecard: Asterisk Phonecard - Prepaid calling card application based on MySQL
  • ASTCC: Asterisk Calling Card Solution - Another approach for full features Pre-paid Calling Card application based on AGI
  • ASTCCSQLite: ASTCC variant that doesn't need Mysql, just DBD::SQLite
  • Asterisk addon rate-engine: An alternative billing solution from Trollphone
  • Asterisk callingcard
  • Asterisk Billing Software from Aradial - Aradial Asterisk Calling Cards AradialVOIP
  • CTC Pre-Paid Calling Card Systems - CTC Connections Pre-Paid Calling Card Systems are designed to deliver the highest quality communication experience and includes simplified management tools for both the service provider and end user.
  • Asterisk Prepaid Calling Cards ControlAP Pro (wifi hotspot billing software) now includes a web based interface for printing calling cards in multiple formats. Asterisk integration and built-in database server. Supports most database servers and platforms.
  • Calling Card Management and Billing Software - Software for prepaid printed and virtual calling cards. Hosted or On-premise.
  • EasyITSP Open Source ITSP and Hosted PBX software for Asterisk
  • Modified-Prepaid-Application - not maintained anymore - resulted into the CallingCard Applications
  • MOR Advanced Billing solution. Retail/Wholesale. For VoIP providers/Call Centers/etc. LiveCD available. Homepage
  • Diamondcard Prepaid Calling Card Platform
  • Asterisk bounty callingcard to MySQL - resulted into the CallingCard Applications
  • CallingCard Applications - Set of 3 Applications to get your Calling Card business up and running (PrepaidAuthCID, PrepaidAuthPIN and PrepaidCall)
  • Calling Card and affordable prepaid billing platfom - Real time billing for large scale Asterisk deployments. Demo available now.
  • Prepay, Postpay, Flat Rate or Flat Rate w/ Bucket billing system and IP-Centrex management platform - Scalable archetachture with one management platform that manages multiple Asterisks. Easy to scale from small to big deployment.
  • PaypalAstcc - Paypal script for Astcc, use Astcc with Paypal to create a complete prepaid solution.
  • YakaVOIP - YakaVOIP is a fully integrated, open-source -NOT FREE-, web-based, user friendly billing and administration interface for Asterisk and Voice-Over-IP. It leverages existing open-source technologies and ecompases 3rd party payment gateways like Paypal, MyGate, Moneybookers & Google Pay.
  • IPerbill VoIP Billing Solutions : Calling cards, Call back, Call shops, Residential, Corporate, Wholesale A-Z and/or Termination (GSM, E1, SS7), Mobile Operators (MVNO)

Professional Software:

Phonyx: IP/ISDN-PBX based on Asterisk and opensips, Czech Web-Interface (for admins even for customers), Czech sounds, specialised for czech VoIP providers, High-availability support, Skype channel support, Prepaid/Postpaid support.
iPhonica, LLCiPhonica's Class4 IN & Prepaid Platform is a Modular, Flexible & Scalable system that enables Broadband Voice Operators and International Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) to deploy a variety of Telephony Services efficiently & cost effectively.
Inspiration Software Ltd iSoftSwitch has come with Integretion of Asterisk & GnuGK.Radius enable billing & authentication. E-Softbilling now supports 1.4.X - VoIP Billing that supports sterisk, FreeSwitch, Yate and OpenSIPS.


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