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I've added this section because I've found dynamic realtime references in "app_meetme.c" and because I found a "meetme" table structure searching the web. But AFAIK there is not real documentaion about it. Contributors are welcome.

extconfig.conf Setup

Add the following line, swapping your own personal values if you wish:

meetme => mysql,asterisk,meetme

  • You can change "mysql" to "odbc" .
  • You can change "asterisk" to be the name of your database.
  • You can change "meetme" to be the name of the MeetMe table we will create below.

Database Table

# Table structure for table `bit_meetme`

CREATE TABLE `bit_meetme` (
`confno` varchar(80) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
`pin` varchar(20) NULL,
`adminpin` varchar(20) NULL,
`members` integer DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (confno)

NOTE: `members` is updated by MeetMe() application and stores the number of participants in the conference. Don't edit it.


Add some entries, for example:
  • confno: 25
  • pin: 1234

In dialplan set:
exten => 25,1,MeetMe(25)

This SQL query will be done:
SELECT * FROM meetme WHERE confno = '25'

And you should be prompted for pin.

IƱaki Baz Castillo

Asterisk 1.6.X

In the asterisk 1.6.X it's possible to configure schedule conference with realtime. This is my working configuration:


meetme => odbc,asterisk,meetme


enabled = yes
dsn = asterisk-meetme
username = user
password = password
loguniqueid = yes
pre-connect = yes


Description = MySQL ODBC Driver Testing
Driver = MySQL
Database = asterisk
Server = localhost
User = user
Password = password
Option = 3
Port = 3306

MySQL Table

CREATE TABLE `bit_meetme` (
`confno` char(80) NOT NULL default '0',
`starttime` datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
`endtime` datetime NOT NULL default '2099-12-31 23:59:59' ,
`pin` char(20) default NULL,
`opts` char(100) default NULL,
`adminpin` char(20) default NULL,
`adminopts` char(100) default NULL,
`members` int(11) NOT NULL default '0',
`maxusers` int(11) NOT NULL default '0',
PRIMARY KEY (`confno`,`starttime`)

Look at /asterisk.1.6.X/contrib/scripts/meetme.sql for more information about the table



; Conferences may be scheduled from realtime?

; Update realtime when members login/out of the conference

; How much earlier than the start time should we allow participants to
; join the conference (in seconds)?

; If the participants join too early, how much time should we allow
; to tell them that they've joined too early, rather than telling them
; the conference simply doesn't exist (in seconds)?
; How many seconds before the scheduled end of the conference should
; the participants be warned?

Now put a records in the table with starttime and endtime to try the schedule conference:

mysql> INSERT INTO meetme (confno,pin,adminpin,members,starttime,endtime) VALUES ("5001","1234","2345","0","2009-09-24 19:00","2009-09-24 20:00");


exten => 5001,1,Answer
exten => 5001,2,Meetme(${EXTEN})
exten => 5001,3,Hangup

Try to call one hour before the conference start, ten minutes before the conference start and four minutes before the conference start to see the diference.

The same article in Spanish

Attention: Some prompts for scheduled conferences not exist in the asterisk sources. You can download from this page and put them in the /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en directory

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