Asterisk Realtime Voice Pitch Changer

Asterisk Voice Changer is a dial-like application written for Asterisk by Justin Tunney using the SoundTouch Library. This application is currently in a beta state and should not be used on a production system. The author of the Asterisk Voice Changer welcomes any help fixing bugs and comforming to the ever-changing manner in which Asterisk applications are structured.

Asterisk Voice Changer is currently released as a patch for Asterisk 1.2.0rc2.

Official Download Page:


cd /usr/src

# download the stuff

# Apply patch to SoundTouch, build, and manually make a Shared Object
cd SoundTouch-1.3.0
patch -p1 <../SoundTouch-1.3.0-C_FrontEnd-0.1.patch
./configure && make && make install
cd source/SoundTouch/
g++ -shared -fPIC -o *.o
cp /usr/lib

# Apply patch to Asterisk and build
cd /usr/src
tar -xzvf asterisk-1.2.0.tar.gz
cd asterisk-1.2.0
make clean
patch -p1 <../asterisk-1.2.0-voicechanger-0.2.patch
make && make install

Example extensions.conf Context

; Call an outside line with deep voice
exten => _91NXXNXXXXXX,1,Set(CALLERID(all)=12034206660)
exten => _91NXXNXXXXXX,n,VoiceChangeDial(IAX2/my_trunk/${EXTEN:1}|-6.0|20|hr)
exten => _91NXXNXXXXXX,n,Hangup()

; and with high voice
exten => _81NXXNXXXXXX,1,Set(CALLERID(all)=12034206660)
exten => _81NXXNXXXXXX,n,VoiceChangeDial(IAX2/my_trunk/${EXTEN:1}|5.0|20|hr)
exten => _81NXXNXXXXXX,n,Hangup()

See also

  • Asterisk func PITCH_SHIFT as introduced with Asterisk 1.8

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