Asterisk Request Tracker

Asterisk and Request Tracker Integration

How To integrate Asterisk with Request Tracker - a helpdesk/NOC Ticketing system.

This helps you to create tickets in request tracker based on incoming calls. Request tracker handles web and email requests. The actual voice will be attached as a file to the request tracker ticket.

However, the article linked above has been removed. Variations on it can be found by Googling for 'An Unofficial Asterisk PBX Integration Guide - build 20040408'. However, note that the concept presented was based on the SOAP server for RT, which has since been obsoleted. For now the simplest method to glue Asterisk to Request Tracker is simply to create a voicemail box that includes the options 'attach=yes|delete=yes' and sends the resulting email to your RT submission address.

Request Tracker now supports a REST interface and a Perl library has been authored for it. Perhaps someone will whip up a nice clean ticket submission/review IVR for it? Perhaps that person is _you_?

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