Asterisk Request to schedule in the past

Message:: Request to schedule in the past

These messages indicate that something can't keep up.

They occur in tandem with voice prompts becoming very choppy, slow and kind of "under water."

I've seen lowering the verbosity, or disconnecting from the command prompt make them go away. (Even though you still have the problem).

This problem was also found to be caused by 100% cpu utilization due to the module sucking up 100% cpu time due to an incompatible (non-full duplex) sound card. In this case the error was accompanied by these messages on the console and in the logfile:

XXX I don't work right with non-full duplex sound cards XXX
Read error on sound device: Resource temporarily unavailable
Ignoring port for now

Uncommenting noload => in the modules.conf file caused that module not to be loaded and the problem went away.

Created by: bhyde, Last modification: Sun 08 of Aug, 2004 (12:51 UTC) by oej
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