Asterisk SIP Messaging

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Asterisk SIP Messaging

Here is a version of the patch for asterisk 1.4.0 as 1.4.0 does not support SIP/SIMPLE messaging without the patch. It has been moderately tested so use with care. http://www.sipalive.com/dev/asterisk/

You can get more details and patches (work in progress) for Asterisk (currently 1.4.20) and OpenFire (3.5) with the following extensions at ScopServ http://devel.scopserv.com/docs/im/ (Currently under development, patches will be available very soon) (2008/06/08)

  • SIP MESSAGE (RFC 3428)
  • SDP Extensions for SIP Instant Message Sessions
  • SIP Instant Message Sessions
  • SIMPLE-XMPP Gateway

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