Asterisk SS7

Background information

In simple terms SS7 is the suite of protocols used by all major telco networks for interconnecting their public telephone exchanges. There are many telecoms platforms which only support SS7 and if you want to connect into them you will need SS7 support.

Note that SS7 is not limited to 'call' data, there are many protocols which sit on the SS7 stack such as MAP (Mobile Appilication Part - used in mobile GSM networks) and INAP (Intelligent Networks Application Part - used for intelligent networks, deploying services such as pre-paid, tele-voting).

The equivalent of ISDN/PRI in the SS7 world is ISUP (ISDN User Part) which is typically used in modern networks for inter-exchange call routing (some older networks still use TUP - Telephony User Part)

Typically there are very stringent interconnect tests required for anybody looking to interface with another operators SS7 network, but having access to an Ericsson AXE10 like Cesnet did makes things a bit easier

  • Cesnet see the section 5.4 Testing

  • Cesnet section 5 Conclusions and Summary

Asterisk and SS7

There are several options for getting SS7 support in Asterisk:

Open Source Projects
  • libss7 An Open Source SS7 library (like libpri) developed by Digium
  • chan_ss7 An Open Source SS7 channel driver originally developed by Sifira A/S, and continued active development by Netfors


Commercial Support

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