Asterisk Sipura-3000 Assistant

Many many users have emailed us and asked about a means to connect their Mac based Asterisk servers to a PSTN phone line. Since there are no Zaptel drivers for MacOSX yet, the obvious thing would be an affordable 1 port FXO gateway like the Sipura-3000. So, the idea was to create a Setup Assistant to configure Asterisk to talk to a Sipura-3000 to use a PSTN phone line. So far so good.

Sipura have been extremely unhelpful

Unfortunately, Sipura have been extremely unhelpful. It seems they don't like to deal with small companies and nor do their resellers. After we have been unsuccessful to buy one of their devices for three weeks we thought Sipura might want to send us a free sample so we can create a free Assistant. Well, it turns out Sipura do not appreciate the work of open source developers and the benefit they themselves would gain from it.

They said it would cost at least 50 USD to ship a unit to Japan. Wow, 50 USD, imagine that! What an expense! Especially considering that we usually spend about 200-300 man hours on creating an assistant and we are giving them away for free under the GPL. Yet Sipura stands to gain the most from the release of such an assistant. It would seem that they do not appreciate customers who use Macintoshes and Asterisk. They said they would want to wait another six months or so and "evaluate" if there is any sense in doing anything for Macintosh users. What a pity.

We need your help to make it happen

So, if you are serious about getting an Asterisk Sipura-3000 Assistant, then please contact Sipura and tell them that you want to buy their product and use it with Asterisk on a Mac and that you would like to use a Setup Assistant that configures Asterisk automatically to use the Sipura device. Tell them that you have been using our existing Assistants and that you would recommend them to support us to make another assistant for their product.

Their contact details are:

Sipura Technology, Inc.
560 S. Winchester Blvd, Suite 500
San Jose, CA 95128, USA

Telephone: (408) 572-5670
Fax: (408) 572-5671




If Sipura's attitude towards the open source community doesn't change and they do not assist, we may pick up a Sipura-3000 on a trip to the US some time later this year and still do the assistant, but it will then be donation ware and mandatory donations will go towards sponsoring the development of Zaptel drivers for MacOSX.

Not Mac specific .. but how to configure a SPA 3000 for asterisk is here:

Asterisk | Asterisk Assistants for MacOSX
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