Asterisk Sirrix ISDN channels

Asterisk Channels provided by the Sirrix channel driver chan_sirrix for

1. Sirrix.PCI4S0 card providing 4 S0-ports (NT and TE), hardware switching, a full featured ISDN stack and optional encryption of ISDN connections.

2. Sirrix.PCI2E1 card providing 2 PRI ports, hardware switching, hardware echo cancellation with conference bridge, a full featured ISDN stack and optional encryption of ISDN connections.

Both cards are manufactured by Sirrix AG, Saarbr├╝cken. The 32 bit cards fit in a 3.3 & 5V slot.

PCM Connector Description


The sirrix.conf configuration file is organized in groups of settings. Each group is defined by its groupname (arbitrary) and contains one or more settings for that group.

Definition of used types

Global settings

Group definition

Usage in extensions.conf

Incoming calls (in to Asterisk)

Example of a sirrix.conf.

Further options for control

The Sirrix Channel driver provides additional Dialplan commands, Channel Varibles and CLI commands for control.

Asterisk Dialplan-Applications

Asterisk CLI commands

Asterisk Channel Variables

AOC Engine

Interaction with Asterisk Database

Asterisk CallerID Name DB

Asterisk CallForward DB


  • In conjunction with the PPPD dialplan command, the Sirrix.PCI4S0 can be used to provide PPP (RAS) dialin and dialout on ISDN channels.
  • Drivers for the Sirrix card can requested by e-mail from support (at) sirrix (dot) com

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