Asterisk Solaris Support

Yes, it runs on Solaris, too!

Since 15/Dec/2004, the CVS HEAD version of asterisk has included support for Solaris. Solaris support is not yet included in the stable releases. Whilst it works fine on Solaris 9 and 10 on Sparc, some additional patches are required to make it work on Solaris x86. These should be incorporated into CVS HEAD soon.


Installing pre-built packages from


Test System- Sun Blade 1000 with 2 x UltraSparc 900 Mhz Procs. Solaris 10


With about 50-55 SIP calls up between another Asterisk box running in a continuous loop CPU usage is aproximately 3%.

Install Notes

Packages installed fine on standard Solaris 10 Install (Developer install) using pkgadd -d command.
For the uninitiated in Solaris the file structure placement is different from Linux. Here are my notes;

  • Asterisk Config Files; /etc/opt/asterisk
  • Asterisk executable; /opt/asterisk/usr/sbin/asterisk
  • Start-Up script; /opt/asterisk/method/asterisk (Usage: /etc/init.d/asterisk { start | stop | restart }
  • Asterisk Modules; /opt/asterisk/lib/modules
  • Asterisk astdb firmware keys mohmp3 sounds; /var/opt/asterisk/lib/
  • Logs /var/opt/asterisk/log/
  • PIDs /var/opt/asterisk/run/
  • Spool directory /var/opt/asterisk/spool/

Zaptel Tools

  • /usr/sbin/timertest
  • /usr/sbin/ztcfg
  • /usr/sbin/ztdiag
  • /usr/sbin/ztmonitor
  • /usr/sbin/zttest
  • /usr/sbin/zttool

Building Asterisk from source

  • export
  • cvs login (password is anoncvs)
  • cvs co asterisk
  • cd asterisk
  • make
  • make install
(Yes, that's the same as building it on Linux - aren't we clever (:biggrin:) )


  • PCI based telephony interface cards, such as Digium's wildcard series, require drivers which are currently only available for GNU/Linux operating systems. Simon Lockhart is currently in the process of porting the zaptel tree to Solaris. You can follow progress on the zaptel-solaris page
  • Update- Aug. 2006. The folks at are gradually porting zaptel drivers over to Solaris. At this time the base zaptel library, ztdummy and wctdm are ported and included in the packages available on the web site.

How you can contribute

  • Please add your comments on how you were able to get Asterisk installed, stating the versions for both Asterisk and Solaris.
  • If you are a Solaris developer and want to participate in the work required to get the latest Asterisk releases ready to build on Solaris but you have no access to any Solaris system, please post to the Asterisk Developers' mailing list.


  • Logan made the initial port to Solaris. You can still read his build notes.
  • Simon Lockhart (slimey) produced the patches which were incorporated into CVS HEAD, based on Logan's work.

Solaris specific Asterisk utilities and add-ons

  • no utilities and add-ons yet

Solaris Softphones

Softphones which can be used with Asterisk
  • sipc: SIP softphone from Columbia University
  • Instant xpressa: a Java softphone from Pingtel which should work on Solaris
  • tkphone, which is now part of the iaxclient library (as of 9/9/04)
  • Zoiper Communicator beta/preview: A Solaris 10 port of the upcoming Zoiper Communicator softphone.
  • please add more entries

Softphones which cannot be used with Asterisk
  • no entries yet

Asterisk Solaris Performance

An article detailing Asterisk Performance on Solaris

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