Asterisk TAPI

The Asterisk TAPI project

Open source project - Asterisk TAPI driver for Win32. Adds functionality to any TAPI compliant application for click to dial and screen popping on inbound calls.
Outlook can perform click to dial natively but has no inbuilt support for screen popping - this can be added with a utility such as IdentaFone's IdentaPop Pro or the Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) Visual Rapport desktop productivity software.

The open source project is hosted on SourceForge,please see the project page to make a donation to help this project.

The most up2date TAPI driver is Activa TSP.

The project was brought to you from babblevoice/Omniis

Asterisk 1.2 Support

AstTapi build 0.10 was broken for Asterisk 1.2 by changes to the Asterisk Management Interface. I've made several code changes to get it working with Asterisk 1.2 and released a debug build for testing. The AstTapi for Asterisk 1.2 can be found here. Feedback is appreciated.

Looking for problems using AstTapi

We have tested AstTapi on a number of systems and appear to have little or no bugs - I m sure there are some there though!
If you are having problems using AstTapi then the following maybe useful.

Inbound Calls

  • Ensure your TAPI driver is logging onto your Asterisk server. Because it is a TSP it is generally very quiet about problems like this (maybe there is a way round it). Ssh into your Asterisk box and "asterisk -gcvvvr" now run your TSP driver by loading whatever TAPI software you are using you should see your manager logon - or an error message. - If you do not see it log on then you may not be running your asterisk manager - if this is the case edit your manager.conf and reload.
  • If it logs on successfully then it could be you do not have your channel configured correctly. Ensure the channel in the AstTapi matches your channel defined in Asterisk � for example I use Sip/nick in both the sip.conf and in my TAPI driver. It is not case sensitive and can even be a little short!
  • The "Inbound channel" is usually the same as the "User channel", if you use the same phone for in- and outgoing calls (example: SIP/555 , where 555 is the extension of the phone). This is specifically of interest for people using Identafone's IdentaPop Pro
  • If you installed AstTapi on a PC behind a router, while your Asterisk runs off a server at a provider's site for example, make sure to set up your router to forward port 5038 (or whichever port you put in manager.conf, default is 5038) to the internal IP address of the computer you installed AstTapi on. Else the signalling of calls to your PC will never arrive.. This too is specifically of interest for people using Identafone's IdentaPop Pro
  • If this does not fix it then there is a bug � please send me the details.

Outbound calls

  • The biggest problems I have suffered with on outbound calls are because of the dialling properties in Windows. This is the process by which a TAPI enabled app decides whether to put a 9 in front of the number or not (or whatever the case maybe). Make sure this is setup correctly.The second part to this is, windows will not following a dialling rule if you do not have a defined area code for a contact � typically Outlook users have all of the number stored in the number field � this is incorrect, the area code needs separating out for correct dialling outbound.
  • Ensure your dialling properties are setup correctly. Either setup the dialling channel correctly � or preferable the dialling context, this needs to be the same context as your phones which can place outbound calls. Again this type of this can be debugged by logging into the asterisk interface.

Programm specific settings

cobra Adress Plus

This CRM system supports various Telephony APIs. Using the Microsoft TAPI with the AstTAPI TSP is working. Make sure the following settings are set
  • OWNER is unchecked
  • Monitor is checked
  • Phone does not send "hangup" is checked
  • Always show is selected

Everything else is kept as default.

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