Asterisk TE410p No Interrupts

Looks like these TE410's can be flakey with certain motherbords
If you find after a reboot the zaptel wct4xxp drivers load, but look like they are DOA check
cat /proc/interrupts
15: 0 XT-PIC t4xxp
if you notice it is not generating interrupts, then the solution is to Hard Reset or Power Cycle the box..

The problem is from the module (wct4xxp) not getting unloaded before the reboot. Add an init script to unload it on shutdown.

Please note that some motherboards appear to supply power to the card even when the power is switched off. The only safe solution is to completely remove all power feeds from the power supply for at least 3 minutes.

TE410 no interrupts at all with certain motherboards

I have a Dell PowerEdge SC1420 and /proc/interrupts shows no interrupts:

49: 0 0 IO-APIC-level t4xxp

dmesg shows the card as:

Found TE410P at base address dfddef80, remapped to f8845f80
TE410P version c01a009b, burst ON
FALC version: 00000005, Board ID: 00

I've been told that the 09 bit in the version means that I'm on version "9" and that there is a firmware update to "10" that may fix the problem. Unfortunately the card must go back to Digium and so the recommended solution is to try another motherboard.

On boot the card does the "knight-rider" flashing light display but when the kernel module initialises all four lights go out until a live T1/E1 connection is plugged in and then that socket should show a green light.

The version 10 card does indeed fix the mobo problems. I have one running in an HPDL380 with no problems.

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