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-=Quick Instructions on how to setup AMP/Asterisk to Teliax=-

Teliax provides cut-and-paste samples with your exact settings from within your online account page under the heading: "Support", AMP, Asterisk with IAX2, Asterisk with SIP. Excellent for a new user or experienced.

With Pay-As-You-Go, $4.99(us) per month per DID and 2cents per minute, (as of 12/10/2005) you can have a number of inbound calls, limited by your bandwidth. The flat fee monthly "unlimited" accounts are limited to 2 or 4. For me I'd rather pay-as-I-go... ;)

Add a new IAX Trunk in AMP.

Leave Outbound Caller ID blank. (This will be set by Teliax)

You can put the Maximum Channels to 2 or 4 depending on your plan.

For dial rules you can specify 800+NXXXXXX This will prefix all out going local calls with your area code.

Outgoing Settings

Trunk Name: teliax

Peer Details

disallow=all ;Or whatever they assign
secret=XXXX ;Assigned by Teliax
username=myuser ;The user name you pick when signing up

Incomming Settings

User Context: myuser (The user name you pick when signing up)

User Details:


Register String

Now click the submit and apply changes. You will also need to add a route for this truck.
Don't forget to add DID routes for the numbers assigned by Teliax. (Without them, you can't receive inbound calls)


-Be sure to replace myuser with the username you picked when you created the account with Teliax
-Change XXXX to the password they assign. (Usually comes in a confirmation email)
-My instructions said to use as the host. Your instructions may include a different host.

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