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Please let a comment or post a section describing your installation and configuration of Asterisk as you are using it.

Networking Technologies Resource Center

Networking Technologies Resource Center in Austin, Texas, USA: We are using asterisk to replace an ancient Meridian system that doesn't have voicemail attached. An asterisk server has been installed at each of our offices and inter-office trunking is now done over IP. We have 5 FXO ports (1 Digium X100P and 1 VoiceTronix OpenLine4) and use 2 Snom 200 phones and 3 Polycom SIP phones.

Real Estate office - Small sytem (3 x 6)

Configuration as follows:
Compaq Deskpro PIII - 1ghz
TDM04B to verizon analog lines (3 lines currently configured)
2 Polycom IP500
4 Sipura 841's

in the first two months average of 1700 minutes of phone usage.

System has been up for 46 days without needing a restart or an Asterisk config reload. 46 days ago was when the Polycom's were added to the system, so I restarted the system at that time.

Only issues we've run into dealt with the speakerphone quality of the Sipura's. The two individuals that needed high-quality speaker phones ended up getting the Polycoms.

Private Cellular to SIP gateway

I'm using Asterisk as a gateway for my mobile to make cheap international calls. Fixed network calls are free, so I've setup two SIP accounts with local phone numbers, one for inbound and one for outbound. One could have done inbound via ISDN, too, but that would need one free B-channel, and SIP accounts are for free :)

The caller is asked for a password, and afterwards may choose one preset number to dial - for security reasons I've disabled arbitrary numbers.

If someone is interested, I've written a small HowTo in german: Kostenlos telefonieren mit SIP, feel free to translate it.

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