Asterisk Voicemail IMAP storage

ver: Asterisk 1.4, SVN trunk and 1.4.0 (official release)

Warning: There is currently a locking issue with voicemail-imap which can crash your asterisk!

See Bug 1
and Bug 2

Configuration in voicemail.conf

imapserver=hostname of IMAP server

; Here you may specify an alternate folder for voicemail.
; Needs to be created manually on server

in the Voicemail specification

; Syntax:
; <mailbox #> => <password>,<full name>,<email address>,<pager email address>,imapuser=<IMAP username>|imappassword=<IMAP password>
; For example:
4200 => 9855,Mark Spencer,,,imapuser=markster|imappassword=m@rk$ter
4201 => 7070,Johnny Smith,,,imapuser=jsmith|imappassword=password1


Depends on c-client, and optionally SSL


Note: The master user feature is available since dovecot 1.0-b4, Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (dapper) comes with 1.0-b3 and is therefore not usable out of the box, 6.10 (edgy) and the upcoming feisty come with 1.0-rc2 or later and work as described.
Note: The master user feature is available since Citadel 7.22 and can be easily configured using a web-based interface.


  • 1.4-beta3 IMAP storage does not work with c-client version imap-2006c1 (it's missing an inclusion of linkages.c, at least)
  • SVN trunk (revision 48010) has a bug which stops IMAP user/pass login working (may only affect PLAIN authentication) - see bugtracker 8240
  • With a workaround for bug 8420, I've got asterisk SVN trunk talking IMAP to dovecot, and it seems to work fine. For it to work sanely, you need to configure a master password file in dovecot.conf so you can login to IMAP with one generic account, and post messages to all users' inboxes
  • As of, there is a bug in the code that handles the MWI on the phones. Asterisk checks the IMAP folder for messages, but only matches the mailbox and not the context, so if you have the same mailbox name in different contexts sending their messages to the same imap folder, both phones MWI will activate if a message is left in either mailbox. Here is a patch:

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