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Who Is It

Facilities to Announce incoming callers over the computer speakers

I've written a small program to play announcements over the computer's speakers when a call comes in, based on the CID of the caller. This can be used in conjunction with the other Privacy options of Asterisk, both present and upcoming:

-- Introduction Files in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/priv-callerintros-- these files will be used by the upcoming privacy/call screening in the dial application.
-- PrivacyManager App can be used to help make sure some CID for the caller is provided.


Festival (1.4.3) See Festival and Asterisk festival installation
/usr/bin/play must be able to play gsm files over the computer speakers. (common on Linux systems?)
12 or more Meg of space on your hard-drive for the area-code and country-code sound files that can be generated via
the festival scripts supplied...
GCC to compile the small C program.

Festival is used to pronounce the name string (if present) of the CID.

NEW! WhoIsIt-1.1

II've produced an AGI version of who-is-it, called who-is-it-agi, that can be used to play these introductions thru an asterisk channel.
The README gives instructions on the prerequisites, and the things to add to your extensions.conf file, to provide an intercom/announcement
capability using auto-answer voip phones.

Download: WhoIsIt-1.0.tar.gz
Download: WhoIsIt-1.1.tar.gz

For more info, read the contained README, it will tell you everything you need to know, and more.

Umm, I don't know, correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it be much better to announce these things where the phones are located, via paging of the handsets? ;)
(of course one would need to implement the safe version of the paging - page only in case the handset is idle)
I will definitely try to get this implemented here.

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