Asterisk Windows Support

Celliax is an Asterisk installation that compiles and runs on Windows

Celliax (asterisk1.2 + chan_celliax + related configuration utilities) compiles and runs natively on Windows, no need for virtualization or Linux on Windows (Celliax uses cygwin and a little modification to the compilation of Asterisk, just to avoid the calls to sigkill). Supports IAX, SIP, and cellphones (with support for Skype calls from/to cellphones). With Celliax is distributed the Celliax LiveCD, with a working installation of Asterisk, chan_celliax, and configuration utilities, based on Knoppix. The Celliax LiveCD contains also all is needed to run Celliax on Windows: the cygwin installer and the tgz with the asterisk-celliax stuff to be untarred in a basic cygwin installation.

AstWind is an Asterisk installation on coLinux

Cooperative Linux (colinux) is a Debian based Linux distribution that runs under Microsoft Windows. It allows many Linux programs, including Asterisk to run on Windows.

Digium provides this information and a download link:
Most VoIP only features are available on the Windows version, although there is currently no support for any hardware interfaces. The AstWind package contains a full development environment and the Asterisk PBX pre-installed on a Debian GNU Linux filesystem. Through the coLinux networking subsystem, Asterisk has access to the network and can participate fully as a unique server.

The AstWind installer can be downloaded as a single executable file from N2Net's high performance FTP cluster located at:

The installer, approximately 120MB in size, contains coLinux, WinPcap, a Debian Root Filesystem and pre-built configuration files. Installation is performed by a simple batch script.

Important note : Astwind v 0.1.1 package need some package upgrade to compile the last version of Asterisk (for the DUNDi stuff), but the package is near ready to make fast-to-start setup. Not enough user-friendly for windows-only users.

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