Asterisk X11


I just got started with Asterisk and am having a problem with voice quality.

When connecting via either a Grandstream IP phone or calling from the PSTN (via Digium 100XP FXO) the demo-congrats msg I get is garbled (but discernable).


X Windows (X11R6/XFree86) fights for realtime priority with asterisk. It is not recommended to run * under X11 or on a machine where X11 is running. There's no need for it and it causes problems like this.

On most Linux systems, you can disable X by trying runlevel 3. (See man init).
After X is disabled, see if Asterisk is still jittery.

Created by: j2, Last modification: Sat 13 of Dec, 2003 (18:37 UTC) by oej
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