Asterisk Zeroconf Support

Zero Configuration Networking or in short Zeroconf is an IETF standard for TCP/IP "networking in the absence of configuration and administration" (IETF WG Zeroconf Charter). Originally initiated by SUN Microsystems, its use has been most actively promoted and pioneered by Apple Computer Inc., who markets it under the name Bonjour (formerly Rendezvous).

Zeroconf is a cross-platform technology based solely on existing TCP/IP protocols such as multicast IP and DNS. It fulfills two main functions:

  • link local addressing
  • service discovery

The Astmasters Zeroconf project brings Zeroconf to Asterisk. That is to say, Asterisk is now able to advertise services it offers using Zeroconf. A new Asterisk resource module res_zeroconf collects information about services and parameters to be advertised and pass the relevant information to the mDNS responder for advertising those services. Client applications and devices such as IP telephones and desktop dialers can then discover those services and configure themselves automatically to use them.

The Gemeinschaft PBX (GPL) which is based on Asterisk comes with its own mDNS responder (for, written in Perl) and can be set up to use that for automatic provisioning for the phones. No need to compile anything.

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