Asterisk addons

Asterisk third party software

Also, there is the asterisk-addons package and other supplements from the Asterisk SVN repository.

Other items of interest in the Asterisk CVS repository are:
  • astcc - The Asterisk Calling Card Application
  • asterisk-addons - An addons package, which includes MySQL support for call detail records
  • asterisk-sounds - Additional sounds for Asterisk
  • btp - The Bluetooth Presence Daemon
  • gastman - The Graphical Asterisk call manager
  • iaxyprov - The IAXy provisioning utility


This allows you to talk to CAPI enabled ISDN BRI and PRI cards.
Older versions:
This includes also zaprtc, a timer provider. For more info, see Asterisk timer.


An alternative to chan_skinny with extended functionality like shared lines

The old url's for this project (older / dead versions):


Does Least Cost Routing of calls based on entries in a MySQL table.


Implement a new LCDial() application which perform Least Cost routing based on information defined in two MySQL tables (list of enabled providers, and rate for each calls).
Instead of using Dial(number,options) you should use LCDial(number,options) and the call will be routed through the cheaper provider. If it fails, the next one will be tried, obtaining a good FailOver system.
More info in the page Application LCDial


An alternate conference application focused on scalability
  • An alternative conference application
  • Fork of app_conference compiles with 1.4 & 1.6.X
  • See Asterisk app_konference
  • New version can be found at sourceforge.


An alternate conference application
New version can be found at sourceforge. It supports many new features including videoswitch.


A database interface where you store your dialplan into any unixODBC compatible database


An application which lets you query a MySQL Database by the use of predefined queries. Does also include a configureable cdr backend.


An application with which you can do perl regular expression and substitution based on rules stored in a mysql database


Character Conversion for use in the dialplan.


An interface to lookup data from LDAP directory servers for use in the dialplan.

Asterisk::LDAP - Perl module to generate Asterisk 1.0 configuration files from LDAP

  • Capable of generating extensions.conf, voicemail.conf, musiconhold.conf
  • Object Oriented style can be easily extended to provide customized output
  • Comes with example code, including ready-to-run script to update LDAP from externpass in voicemail.conf
  • Future versions will support more configuration files including sip.conf and iax.conf, meetme.conf, others
  • Home page:


Network Caller Notification for use in Asterisk dialplan.


Swift Text-to-Speech support for use in Asterisk dialplan.


Swift Text-to-Speech support for use in Asterisk dialplan.


freely configurable Apple Bonjour(aka Rendezvous, aka Zeroconf) support.


app_pickup is part of bristuff. It is a channel independent call pickup and call stealing application which is used in the normal dialplan, like:

exten => *8,1,PickUP() ; uses the pickupgroup of the calling channel
exten => *8,1,PickUp(1) ; pick up from group 1


Global SMS delivery, without using valuable PRI resources



  • app_viaRadius is an application that brings Radius AAA capabilities on Asterisk


  • OrderlyQ is an extension to Asterisk Queues that lets callers hang up, and call back later without losing their place.


  • OrderlyStats - FREE Dedicated Real Time Call Centre Management and Statistics Package.


  • OrderlyCalls is the successor to JAGIServer, and offers full support for FastAGI and Manager in an easy-to-use Named Service environment. Includes Web Deployer for developing integrated VOIP-HTML applications.

PyAstre - A python in the dialplan

  • Embedded Python interpreter
  • Python dialplan application
  • Python CDR handler
  • example XMLRPC interface to replace the manager protocol
  • Home page:

py-Asterisk - Python Manager API client.

Fats - FATS is a Twisted & Fast Asterisk's Telephony Services.

  • Remote services for the dialplan handling using FastAGI protocol.
  • AMI services.
  • Twisted framework allow the Asterisk to interact with WEB 2.0, XMMP, MSN, IRC, SSL, SSH protocols.
  • Ladybug - service for the testing remote telepony services.
  • Home page:

pbx_config_mgr - Dialplan Configuration Via Manager API


  • unified interface to call queues, agents and managers
  • see ICD


This allows you to configure Asterisk with the TCL control language. Currently (May 2004) just a proof-of-concept.

Calling Cards


CDR is the abbreviation for "call detail record"


GUI and Status Displays


  • Snap A Windows dialer, supports Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Jon's Phone Tool (JPT): integrated desktop dialer for MacOS X with Asterisk support
  • Mac OSX AddressBook dialer included in app_notify package
  • Asterisk dialer FileMaker Plug-In for Mac OSX.
  • VICIDIAL dialer - Part of the astguiclient suite, a predictive dialer that runs on Win32 and Unix clients
  • Brotecs IAX based Soft-Phone with attractive feature includes Call Hold, Attendant/Unattendant transfer, Call forward, RFC2833 DTMF and NAT support. Soft-Phone has G723.1 and G729 codec along with G711(a-law and u-law) and GSM.
  • Star Outlook Dialer Automatically detects the numbers which you are going to dial while reading email. Click to dial from Microsoft Outlook 2007/2003 toolbar.
  • VoipOperator Free Asterisk dialer and call notification with phonebook for Windows. Very easy to use and install.
  • Peopletech contact center CRM suite combines Dialer , Inbound routing , advanced CRM , Inbound outbound campaign Management, IVR, BI reporting , Voice and SMS Broadcasting. A complete stable solution for all your telemarketting requirements.
  • TBDialOut is a Thunderbird extension that adds clickable links and toolbar buttons to Thunderbird's address book enabling you to dial straight from the address book. TBDialOut supports a variety of VOIP applications and includes direct support for Asterisk.

Prepaid Applications and Calling Cards


  • zTrix A Zope component that allows web applications to connect to the Asterisk Manager API


Replacement Sound Files

These are replacement sound collections for /var/lib/asterisk/sounds to replace the default voice (Digium's Allison Smith).
  • Voice Vector Media - Free full voice-packs containing over 1,500 sound files in native sln, ulaw, alaw, and gsm formats. Inexpensive custom recording services are available to extend and customize the free voice-packs.



Allows you to read data in real time instead of manually re-configuring a series of .conf files and performing "reload" operations. Currently, ast_data provides real-time lookups for Extensions, SIP "friends", IAX "friends", and parts of the Voicemail system. Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and ODBC connections is already done and ready for you to use. Ast_data is designed to allow programmers to create any modules to access data from wherever they need to get it. Theoretically, this could be from a standard database, LDAP, or maybe even RADIUS.

Asterisk Zero Configuration Service (AZCS)

Provides a service to automate the installation and configuration of handsets. Once AZCS is installed on a network any handset plugged into a network point will be automatically configured. Within 60 seconds of the handset being plugged into the network the phone will be fully operational without any user or administrator intervention.
AZCS allows handset to be deployed and made operational by any staff member eliminating the need to have technical staff involved in simple adds and moves.

AZCS also works in environments which contain multiple handsets types from varying vendors.

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