Asterisk and Australian Caller ID

  • With ISDN & chan_capi, callerID works fine.

  • For zap devices:

(usual default is 1)

  • For vpb (Voicetronix) devices:
callerid=yes needs to be set before each channel unless running CVS asterisk after 13/12/2004

(:exclaim:) Don't forget, CallerID is likely a additional service on your line (Telstra/Optus POTS/IDSN services) therefore you should ensure CallerID was enabled when the service was ordered or have it added to the service by your carrier. It seems to be common that even though CallerID was ordered it is not actually enabled when the service is provisioned.

(:biggrin:)OK, this is what works for me with a TDM400P.
Ensure that your line has Caller ID presentation enabled - this will cost you AU$6 per month (Telstra rip-off just to get rid of telemarketers)
Do the patch to chan_zap.c referred to above and re-compile Asterisk.
In the context that answers the PSTN put Wait(2) before you Answer the call.
All this works for me but YMMV.

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