Asterisk and Avaya Merlin Legend Integration

A step by step procedural document to assist others during their integration of Asterisk to an Avaya Merlin Legend PBX Switch.

This page assumes the following:

  • Telco PRI connected to Merlin via DS1 Card
  • Asterisk PRI connected to Merlin's second DS1 card via a TE110P with a T1 Cross-over cable
  • All Asterisk outbound calls access Telco PRI through Merlin
  • Merlin non-local extension block used to access extensions on the Asterisk server

Physical Connections

Install the second DS1 card in the Merlin Legend. Build or purchase a T1 cross-over cable and connect this to your Asterisk server's TE110P (or PRI card of choice) and the second DS1 in the Merlin. Access the Merlin and configure the following items: Slot # refers to the slot of your second DS1 card

Merlin PRI Configuration

  1. LinesTrunks -> PRI -> Switchtype -> Slot# -> Legend-NETWK
  2. LinesTrunks -> LS/GS/DS1 -> Slot #
  3. -> type -> PRI (caution this step will reboot the switch when you press enter)
  4. -> FrameFormat -> ESF
  5. -> Suppression -> B8ZS
  6. -> Line Comp -> Set your physical distance to the Asterisk Server
  7. -> ChannelUnit -> Special Access
  8. -> Signaling -> not used for PRI
  9. LineTrunks -> More -> ClockSync -> Tertiary -> Slot# -> Enter

This special switchtype updates and configures a lot of the switch for us, configuration includes:
  • Creates a Bchannel group of 80
  • Assigns all PRI B-Channels to Group 80
  • Sets the PRI to ESS
  • Sets the Dialplan to route directly to UDP
  • Creates a line pool of 890 and assigns Trunks
  • Sets a bunch of other options not important to us here

Merlin Non-Local Extensions

Configure a block of extensions to be non-local to the Merlin Legend. The Merlin will send requests for these extensions to the Asterisk PRI.

  1. SysRenumber ->NonLocal UDP -> 4000 -> enter -> 4999 -> enter -> 4 -> enter -> 1 -> enter
  2. Tables -> UDP Routing -> 1 -> enter -> 1 -> enter
  3. -> Pool -> 890 -> enter
  4. -> FRL -> 3 -> enter
  5. -> Absorb -> 00 -> enter
  6. -> Digits -> empty -> enter
  7. -> Data -> Voice only -> enter

We create a extensions 4000-4999 to be routed to the Asterisk server (pool 890) and we assign this to dial pattern 1. The FRL controls whom has access to this line. We want to pass all 4 digits so our absorb is 0. Digits is empty so we are not adding any digits to the extensions prior to passing them and lastly we have the Data marked as voice only since we are not doing data and voice over the PRI

Merlin Activate your new lines

All new lines added are automatically set to Maintenance Busy and not available to take calls. Use the following to return these lines to service

First gather your list of Trunk numbers ( Line numbers )

  1. LinesTrunks -> PRI -> B-ChannlGrp -> Lines -> 80 -> enter -> Entry Mode -> press the inspct button

This will show you a list of all your trunk numbers assigned to the second DS1. Jot these down. Now we un-busy the lines with the following

  1. Maintenance -> Port -> Line/Trunk -> Trunk# -> Enter
  2. -> Restore -> Exit
  3. -> Status -> next -> Exit (Move to the next trunk and exit status menu )
  4. Jump to step 1 and repeat

Configure Asterisk Files







channel => 1-23

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