Asterisk app_h324m compatibility

app_h324m compatibility

This page collects compatiblity information about app_h324m/libh324m with mobile phones.

Please add your test results in the following syntax:

Mobile Phone Mobile Phone Firmware Version Revision of h324m Results H324M-->h324m_gw Results h324m_call-->H324M Notes
Nokia 6630 V 3.45.113 213 OK OK (note: Nokia 6630 needs firmware version >= 5 for DTMF support during videocalls)
HTC Cruise Windows Mobile 213 OK OK (note: audio silence problem when recording, corrected with the next patch)
Nokia E65V ? 213 OK OK
Nokia N73V ? 212 OK OK
Motorola V3xxV ? 212 OK OK
Nokia N80 ? 239 OK unknown
Nokia N90 ? 239 OK unknown
Nokia N95 v12.0.0.015 239 OK unknown multiple people have reported errors/unstable connection setup with v12.0.0.013
Sony Ericsson P990i ? 239 OK unknown
Sony Ericsson K800i ? 239 OK unknown
Sony ericsson K850i ? 239 OK unknown
Samsung Soul ? 239 OK unknown
dummy V. 0.0.1 213 OK no this is the template

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