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The code removes all SQL code from app_voicemail.c, chan_sip.c, chan_iax2.c, and adds the ability to do extension lookups from an external module to pbx.c.

Currently MySQL, PostgreSQL, and ODBC database modules are included in the tarball. The .conf file should be helpful as to how to configure things.

Database connection pooling is in each data_xxx.c module to help avoid locking contentions with single-threaded database engines.

Modules for RADIUS, LDAP, etc. could be written by following the example data_xxx.c modules.

When installed, if you delete the /etc/asterisk/data.conf file, Asterisk will create the appropriate file for you based on information in your sip.conf, voicemail.conf, and iax.conf files if it needs to.

There are CLI commands as well:
show data mysql status
show data odbc status
show data pgsql status
show data handlers
data debug
data no debug

All .patch.txt files inside the tarball were up-to-date with CVS as of the time of this post. If you want the most recent version, you can obtain it from

Happy testing!. Thanks for the contributions of code and ideas from ssokol, folsson, exomorph, citats, bkw, mikes2277, and others. Also to exomorph for the space on his SVN server for code placement.

Asterisk, SER and MWI
Actually I wrote a patch for this and it supports ast_data too. What you do is tell asterisk that all of your phones IP addresses are your SER machine. Then when a message gets left Asterisk sends the NOTIFY to username at seripaddress:serport. SER gets it and since it knows what's up, it relays it to the phone. Tada! I gave my patch to Rob (who leads up the ast_data patch. If you need it let me know. Its for Asterisk 1.0.2 with the 1.0.2 ast_data patch.
ref. Asterisk MWI

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