Asterisk at Home Setup Guide

[email protected] Setup Guide

(be sure to check out the [email protected] Handbook Wiki at too)

This is a pictorial step by step guide to configuring your [email protected] installation.

Most of the Information is currently available from
http:[email protected]_v0.8_setup_guide.pdf

Table of Contents:

General Settings
Add your extensions
Add your ring group
Setup the incoming calls

Oztell Trunk Setup Via IAX
Oztell Trunk Setup Via SIP

  • Local route
  • Long Distance Route
  • The international route
  • Telstra route
  • The freecall route

Editing the config files
  • iax.conf
  • sip.conf
  • indications.conf
  • zapata.conf
  • enum.conf
  • extensions.conf
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