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Bounties to be paid for Asterisk functionality

NEW - Digium official way -

If you really want something added to Asterisk, but can't do it yourself and do not want to contract an Asterisk consultants or Digium to do it, there's always an oppurtunity to set up a bounty. Others might add to it and finally there's enough money so that a coder think it's worthwile to work on it.

For each bounty we need one maintainer that is in charge of handling the bounty - alone or with a group of advisors that can judge the contributed code. The maintainer also needs to keep track of each contributor to the bounty to help collecting the fee when it's time to pay.

How to add a bounty:

• Login (Signup for a free login if you don't have one)
• View this page
• Click on the edit tab at the top of the page
• Add an entry to the list of existing bounties using the same format as the existing bounties
o For example: Asterisk bounty My New Bounty Title: short one line bounty description
• Click the save button
• Now you should see your bounty listed with a ? after it.
• Click on the ? to create a page for a detailed explanation of the bounty
• On this page enter:
o Description of the function requested
o How to contact the maintainer for this bounty
o The date this was started
o The status of the bounty: Open, coding, testing, closed
o The combined value of the bounty
o Licensing for the code - I would suggest that all bounties should be disclaimed so they may be candidates for the CVS
• Click the save button

Don't forget to announce the bounty on the asterisk-dev mailing list

When there's code, open a bug report on the Asterisk bug tracker and attach the code. But not until there's code. The bug tracker handles patches and bug reports primarily.
If you want to work on a feature request
When you want to work on a feature request, first contact the maintainer. If you can't or don't know how to reach him or her, contact one of the bug marshals on the IRC and they'll help you. They're usually involved in some way. The maintainer will explain to you if there's already work going on somewhere and what happens if several people claim the bounty - who will win and under what conditions. This is really up to the maintainer to decide, usually together with the group of people that have added to the original bounty.

Bounties exist on these items:

• Asterisk bounty - stream MMS as Music on hold: USD 100.00 - tfgibbon at gmail dot come- 31 Oct 2011
• Asterisk bounty - Asterisk Issue - Invalid Macro crashes Asterisk-: USD 500.00 - damon at soho-systems dotcom- 22 Jul 2011
• Asterisk bounty - Asterisk Issue - Record audio channels gets out of sync -: USD 1,000.00 - - 14 Jun 2011
• Asterisk bounty SMDI setup configure: legacy Centrex PBX USD 500 please contact - 22 Mar 2010
• Asterisk bounty Dynamic parking: USD 500
• Asterisk bounty Fix Broken AgentComplete Fix bug 14527 $150 USD
• Asterisk bounty IAX over DTLS: 6 Oct 2008 Bounty $100 USD
• Asterisk bounty function CURL timeout v1.2 and 1.4: 24 june 2008 Bounty $500 USD
• Asterisk bounty Generic Event Package Support: 12 May 2008 Bounty $100 USD
• Asterisk bounty Speed Control and Volume Control: 26 Mar 2008 Bounty $2,000 USD
• Asterisk res_config_ldap LDAP Realtime Bounty: 7 Mar 2008 Bounty $1400
• Asterisk multiple bindaddr bounty: 09 Aug 2009 USD 500-1000.
• Asterisk bounty MacPorts: 9/20/07 __$10+_USD to complete)
• Voicemail Tone Detection in AMD: 8/14/07 $1500USD to complete)
• A2Billing to prompt user for caller id: updated 7/25/07 $150USD to complete)
• AOL AIM to start a call - $75: updated 7/25/07 $100USD to complete)
• Asterisk bounty libpri bug 0007870 fix: fix bug 7870 for US$200
• Asterisk bounty chan_gsm_bt: Implement support for multiple cell-phones simultaneously $500 (USD)
• Modification: Modify ZapScan so it can be configured to skip particular channels. — $50 (USD)
• Asterisk bounty SIPXexPHONE support or any other SIP soft phone supported for Asterisk: For our application, we need a soft phone working with Asterisk. If you are willing to provide a custom SIP phone that works with asterisk, please contact us ASAP. Flexible cost of customization/license. Starts at $500 USD
• Asterisk bounty Clear Command: I'd like a new command. Typing CLEAR in the CLI window would clear the screen — $10 (USD)
• Asterisk T.38 Bounty: Asterisk SIP T.38 Bounty $10,750 USD
• Asterisk bounty Trillian Plug-in: Trillian plug-in for user to set back/away/DND/et cetera $25
• Asterisk bounty CODEC Notice: CODEC and DTMF settings notice
• Asterisk bounty FreeBSD zaptel: FreeBSD Zaptel drivers $1500
• Asterisk bounty IAX soft client: small footprint IAX soft client for Win32 $250
• Asterisk bounty MGCP Media gateway: MGCP media gateway support
• Asterisk bounty PRI 2B channel transfer: 2B channel transfer on PRI
• Asterisk bounty SIP simultaneous registry: Allow a SIP device to register more than once so a single extension may exist in multiple locations. $350
• bounty skype: Skype functionality for Asterisk $1500
• Asterisk bounty SMDI: Add SMDI support to Asterisk
• Asterisk bounty snom call park: Write a call parking application for Asterisk that will allow the full use of the SNOM 200 programmable buttons/LEDs. $100
• Asterisk bounty SS7: Add SS7 support to Asterisk $4000
• Asterisk bounty STUN: Add STUN support to Asterisk
• Asterisk bounty VoiceMail Broadcast or Group lists: Allow VM users build/maintain/use Group lists to send message. $400+
• Asterisk bounty windows manager: Windows manager $460
• Multiple line appearances on a single line ADSI phone or analog phone: US$50 - US$100
• Dialtone and line-in-use detection on a ZAP channel: US$50
• Asterisk Bounty SIP encryption: US$400
• Asterisk bounty IPv6: Full support for IPv6 transportion Asterisk US$200
• Asterisk Bounty VoiceMail-n-Email Synchronization: synchronize voicemail & IMAP mailbox: $3000
• Asterisk Bounty Outlook Integration: tie M$ Outlook / Exchange to Asterisk, with gobs o' great features $2500+
• Asterisk Bounty Email TTS: listen to your email from your voicemail menu
• Asterisk Bounty wcusb driver support for CuPhone USB to RJ11 adaptor based on the TigerJet TJ560B chip: free CuPhone USB to RJ11 adaptor for development
• Asterisk bounty fix stability issue with app_AMD: see bug 7885 $500
• Asterisk Bounty QSIG call diversion with SIP interop: add QSIG call diversion on 302 Moved Temporarily $1000
• Bounty QSIG call path replacement: implement QSIG call path replacement ETS 300 258 - Path Replacement (ANF-PR) $2000
• Asterisk Bounty H324M 3G Video support: US$5000 - US$10000
• Bounty Enhanced Playback Control from AGI and FastAGI: US$200
• Asterisk Bounty Fix hangup causes in 1.2 & 1.4: US$200 - US$300


• Google Talk bounty - $1,000: updated 7/23/07 $5,000 USD Bounty to finish Google Talk - Created: 5/31/07 // Closed by Dan 18.02.2008
• Asterisk bounty Real Time SIP Registration: 1/2/08 $75 USD to complete — Feature already exists)
• Realtime support for musiconhold.conf: 2007-11-06
• Asterisk bounty bug 0007706 fix: fix bug 7706 for US$2000
• Asterisk bounty VoiceMail Forward using Directory: Allow VM users to forward messages to other users with spell by name of Directory(). $200
• Asterisk bounty rtp timing: Make generators work even if no received audio available, the ability to generate audio without receiving any RTP on the source port
• Asterisk for Medical Offices: Create Functions for medical/dental offices with Asterisk Bounty $1,500 USD
• Asterisk bounty chan_sip: Add logs of registration attempts and call stats into mysql (realtime) DB $500 (USD)
• Asterisk bounty SIP answer supervision:Asterisk to reconise off hook status of an Analog FXO gateway
• Asterisk bounty callingcard to MySQL: Convert callingcard (or prepaid) application to work with mysql database. $325
• Asterisk bounty updated chanspy application: Application to monitor SIP calls. $250
• Asterisk Bounty IAX2: One tweak, one new feature to better control address use on multihomed machines - us$130 total
• Asterisk Bounty ENUM app re-write: Make ENUMLookup more functional $150
• Asterisk bounty ControlPlayback: Add 2 additional skip times to ControlPlayback $50 (USD)
• Asterisk bounty NTT CLID: Support for NTT's CallerID on Zaptel cards — Now supported by Unicall
• Asterisk bounty outcall notification application: Application to monitor voicemail folders and call users at a regular interval $500
• Asterisk bounty Web GUI - Hosted PBX: US$10,000
• Asterisk bounty symmetic SIP invites: Support reponses to INVITEs on IP address aliases to come back on the same IP $500 (Resolved)
• Asterisk bounty bluetooth cell-phone support: Support sending & receiving calls via a Bluetooth-connected cell phone $425+
• Asterisk bounty Call Pickup with CID info. - SIP: US$325
• Asterisk bounty E and M FlashHook support: Add FlashHook Support to the E&M Channel when using Feature Group D (featd) Signalling US$1000
• Asterisk Bounty record call queues with detailed filename: Be able to have Asterisk use the channel name that picks up the call from queue as part of the filename when using queues with dyanmic agents: $50
• CDR UserField: Modify the userfield field to function the same as accountcode in conf files - $75 USD
• Asterisk bounty PRI 2B channel transfer for NI2 PRI line: We need Asterisk (stable version) to be able to perform a 2B channel transfer for a NI2 B8ZS PRI line. — $5000.00 (USD)
• Asterisk bounty Call Limit Exit Options: Add exit options (context/extension/priority) to the L option in the Dial application - $100 USD


• Asterisk bounty Meet Me video conferencing Multi Party Video Conferencing solution for Asterisk (was $2000)
• Asterisk bounty IAX incoming-outgoing limit: IAX incoming/outgoing limit (Deprecated)
• Asterisk bounty non-Bellcore-CLID: Support for CLID on X100P/TDM in non-Bellcore environments (Partially resolved, Deprecated)

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